Milana Kurchenko
I never leave reviews but this is a special case and Dr Mandanipour deserves 10 stars! Thank you doctor for making my feet look so good! I highly recommend Progressive Foot Care – Dr M is extremely professional, caring and thorough because he genuinely wants to help his patients in the best way that he can. I am so glad I found this place, now I am happy with my feet and look forward to the summer!

I came here for a bunion and hammer toe surgery on both of my feet. From my first visit to the actual surgery and recovery, the whole experience was very pleasant. The surgery center where Dr. Mandanipour does his surgeries is nothing like a hospital. You are never waiting too long and there is always at least 2 nurses making sure you’re comfortable before the procedure. After the surgery, Dr M checked up on me a few times a week to make sure I wasn’t in pain and was doing everything I was supposed to make my recovery faster. I am coming here for physical therapy now :). Thank you Dr. Mandanipour!

Christine Callahan
I highly recommend Dr Mandanipour and his team! I have been working with him for a year and a half on a couple of issues and can’t say enough good things about him and his staff. I recently had foot surgery and the whole process was seamless: the surgery went very smoothly and my recovery has been great. I have never had any problems getting a convenient appointment and they are always on time and efficient. Dr Mandanipour is thorough in his explanations and he has a positive bedside manner, and his staff is pleasant and willing to help. Working with him has easily been the best medical experience I’ve ever had!

Jamie Greenberg
Dr. M and staff are amazing! They are so friendly and the whole office makes you feel at ease. Dr. M is so knowledgeable, answers every question and assures me that everything is normal and healing properly, even when my body rejects the internal stitches. Highly recommend them!

Mayrenis Melendez
Outstanding service. I couldn’t imagine going through this process with any other doctor. I had to have reconstructive foot surgery. The doctor and has team made sure I knew exactly what was going on every step of the way. Two weeks post op, I’m feeling great and I have little to no swelling or bruising despite having screws and metal wires in my foot.

Khadija H
The doctors and staff are professional and accommodating. Appointments run on time. The office is clean. I am satisfied with the results of my surgery to correct the alignment of my big toe (bunion removal). The foot care that I continue to receive is personalized to my needs. I would definitely recommend Progressive Foot Care.

Jim Valdez
Excellent care and support. Dr Mandanipour is always willing to help and assist. His knowledge and expertise is evident when he explains the reasons why I am having foot issues and what can be done to alleviate the pain.

Mike Mahoney
I highly recommend Dr. Mandanipour and the staff at Progressive Foot care. I came in to have a lump removed from my foot and Dr. Mandanipour thoroughly talked me through all my options before I made the decision for surgery. All my appointments were on time and the office is very clean. From my first visit to the last it was a pleasant experience and I would definitely go back to him if anything else comes up.

Derrick Flores
Great place! Friendly people that work with you! They ask you about your everyday and suggest what can you do to better your life! My knee and back is a whole lot better than it was before!

Excellent office. As a classroom teacher I am always on my feet. I go here monthly to get ultrasound, e-stim and whirlpool for my feet post bunionnette surgery. They take care of my calluses and have fitted me with inserts which have really helped. Highly recommend.

Deanna Thomas
Dr. Mandanipour did an amazing job with the both of my foot surgeries. Always very professional and made me feel comfortable every step of the way. I would definitely recommend him.

Hodahel Moinzadeh
I saw Dr. Mandanipour while I was traveling through NY for an ankle sprain. They had an amazing staff and service. There service was quick and excellent. He was even available when I returned to baltimore to answer questions and help me out. I would strongly recommend Dr. Mandanipour to anyone who need foot care.

Great Doctors. Very professional and knowledgeable. Take their time to fully evaluate with adavance diagnostic equipments. Explained in detail the ocondition and offered appropriate treatment plan. Thanks to Dr. Mandanipour, I have returned to my busy life pain free. I am back to running which I missed the most due to pain.
I have been seeing Dr. Mandanipour for a year now since last evaluation. My is always been great. He has recently did surgery to fix my painful bunions. I can not believe how a painles it was and how quickly I returned to Sneakers. He was Available to me anytime
I needed him.

Reagan Daly
I went to Dr. Mandanipour several years ago for some pretty severe stress fractures, and he took such good care of me that I tracked him down at Progressive Foot Care for help with some other foot problems–bunions– that had also gotten pretty severe. By the time I went to see him, in fact, the bunions had gotten so bad that my bones were totally out of alignment and my toes were at an angle that no toes should bend. I didn’t actually think I would ever have normal-looking feet again. But Dr. Mandanipour performed surgery on both of them (one at a time), and I cannot even articulate how amazing they look and feel now. He really is an artist–on top of the job he did straightening everything out, I barely have scars. Beyond that, he guided me through the recovery so carefully and thoughtfully.

In all of the times Dr. Mandanipour has treated me he has never led me astray. I trust him completely and I genuinely cannot say enough good things about him.

Carol Persad
I have been going to this practice for sometime and the experience is always pleasant and professional. It is always a pleasure speaking to Dr M and the staff. You will never be disappointed!

Moisey Simkhayev
Dr. Mandanipour is an amazing foot doctor. Saw him for plantar fasciitis and he was able to take the pain away. You don’t wait too long in the waiting area. He takes his time in the exam room to discuss my treatment options. Very professional and answered all my questions to my full satisfaction. Highly recommended!

James Yee
I have had the pleasure of coming to Progressive Foot Care for awhile where you can knowledgeable staff. I’m in the customer services job and profession so I want to maintain feet are that are fit for the workday. I learned how to maintain better foot care over the years.

Roger Moore
Thank you for taking care of my ingrown nail i should have went here sooner. Thumbs up in my book. I love Dr. Mandanipour! Excellent doctor, excellent work! I would recommend Dr. Mandanipour to everyone with any feet problems! Wonderful!

Emmanuela Mombrun
Dr. Ea is very professional and knowledgeable! Office staff are great also. The best thing of all, they have hours that fit a working person schedule.

Anny Benzo
Where can I begin… foot problem? come visit Dr. Mandanipour!! I was suffering with Mortons Neuroma pain for over a year, saw 2 previous foot doctors, which lead me to visit Dr. Mandanipour. First impression: Efficient, knowledgeable, great bedside manner, caring and din’t rush me at all, answered all my questions and concerns! I had surgery 3 weeks ago for the Neuroma, and throughout the whole process Dr. Mandanipour has been AMAZING, you have a question? call him! he will pick up the phone! I am so happy to have a great doctor throughout the process. I highly recommend anyone with foot problems to visit Progressive Foot Care, ask for Dr, Mandanipour, he’s the best! P.S great staff as well, those girls make you feel at home!

Tracey Miller
Dr. Mandanipour is the best foot doctor in the new york city! I’ve been going to him for the past eight years and never had an issue.

Clifford Wolf
Dr. Steven was very professional with me and took a good look of my feet. His diagnosis were correct and through his medicine I am healing fast.

Mitchell Cohen
Dr. Steven saw me immediately and my appointment was hassle-free. I would recommend him to everyone.

Mohenna Paul
I was having foot pains and came across Progressive Foot Care, I met Dr Mandanipour and he was specific and patience with me answering all my questions he was not pushy regarding having surgery done I actually needed it and it went pretty well. Post op he checked up on me to make sure I was alright. I was in good hands felt great after the procedure i am able to wear my favorite shoes. He also provided me with Custom Orthotics which do come in handy when there are in my sneakers. I highly recommand this practice to everyone of my friends etc Dr Mandanipour is GREAT !!!!!!!

Nancy Zhou
Dr. Ea was great, treated me well, I now know my diagnosis and treatment! Quick and efficient visit, in and out without a long wait. Best of all Dr. Ea speak Chinese, which is a bonus for me!
Tamaiya Chapman

John Rodriguez

Scott S
Dr. Ea is a terrific podiatrist. Great bedside manner and he takes his time to explain what is wrong and help solve your foot issue – I never felt pressed for time with him. I cannot recommend this podiatrist highly enough.

Tobey D
Dr. Mandanipour was professional and saw me immediately. He was helpful and knowledgeable and helped me with all of my issues.

S. C.
I think it was great. It took the time out to explain my issue in detail, ensured that I understood, explained the treatment and I was satisfied when I left. Good Job!

Yvonne T.
The office is very neat, clean and the staff is great, very warm and friendly. You get to see the Doctor right away. He is very professional and thorough in answering and explaining all the questions and concerns I had. I felt very comfortable in this office and well taken care of. I feel that my healthcare concerns are being met. He is highly recommended.

Nereyda J.
I came in with questions and left very satisfied with the cause of my symptoms. I was also relieved of my pain.

Max D.
Dr. Mandanipour is the best Podiatrists in Manhattan. I have been seeing him for severe Plantars Fasciitis for over a year. His staff is amazing, friendly, and personable which is a welcome change for Manhattan. Dr. M himself is extremely knowledgeable and thorough with his diagnosis and treatment. He also has a great sense of humor and makes you feel comfortable with him and his staff. If you are having foot trouble I highly recommend Dr. Mandanipour and his group at Progressive Foot Care. Your in for a worry free experience were everyone including the receptionists knows you on a first name basis and is familiar with your treatment and care.

Nanette D.
Dr. EA was probably the best podiatrist I have ever experienced. He was professional, personable, and paid attention to my concerns. The treatment was executed painlessly and professionally. His staff was also very kind, attentive and professional. I am happy to have found a podiatrist of this caliber.

Matthew S.
Dr. Mandanipour was extremely attentive and thorough. He took the time to not only deal with my issue but to educate me. He was very personable and I can genuinely say I had a great time going to the podiatrist

Tanjila R.
He answered all my questions and was patient.