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Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care at Progressive Foot Care

Welcome to Progressive Foot Care, where we offer specialized care for patients with diabetes. Our experienced foot doctor is dedicated to helping you maintain optimal foot health to prevent complications associated with diabetes.

Understanding Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetes can cause a range of complications, including nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor blood flow to the feet, increasing the risk of foot sores, infections, and ulcers which can lead to severe consequences if not properly managed. Effective diabetic foot care involves a combination of regular medical check-ups and good foot hygiene practices.

Importance of Diabetic Foot Care

  • Prevent Infections: Minor cuts or abrasions can lead to serious infections due to impaired healing.
  • Avoid Complications: Regular foot inspections and care can prevent serious complications like gangrene and foot ulcers.
  • Maintain Mobility: By preventing foot ailments, individuals with diabetes can maintain better mobility and quality of life.

Our Diabetic Foot Care Services

Regular Examinations: Regular scheduled check-ups to detect early signs of nerve damage, skin changes, or infections.

Patient Education: Teaching patients how to care for their feet daily, recognizing signs of foot problems early, and when to seek professional help.

Custom Orthotics and Footwear: Providing custom solutions to relieve pressure and reduce the risk of foot injuries.

Wound Care Management: Expert care for diabetic foot ulcers and wounds to promote healing and prevent infection.

Why Choose Progressive Foot Care?

  • Expertise: Our podiatrists specialize in diabetic foot conditions and are trained in the latest treatments and prevention strategies.
  • Personalized Care Plans: We tailor our services to meet the individual needs of each patient.
  • Advanced Treatment Options: We use state-of-the-art technology for diagnosis and treatment to offer the best care possible.
  • Comprehensive Support: We offer a holistic approach to diabetic foot health, from preventive care to treatment of acute conditions.

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Ensure your feet are in good hands with our specialized diabetic foot care services.  Contact Progressive Foot Care today to schedule your consultation with New York’s best podiatrist, Dr. Mandanipour and learn how our tailored care plans can help you maintain healthy feet.


Frequently Asked Questions about Diabetic Foot Care

Q1: Why is foot care important for people with diabetes?

A1: Foot care is crucial for people with diabetes because they are at higher risk for foot complications due to nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor blood circulation. These conditions can lead to infections, ulcers, and even the need for amputation if not properly managed.

Q2: What are common foot problems for people with diabetes?

A2: Common foot problems include fungal infections, corns, calluses, bunions, dry skin, and diabetic ulcers. Neuropathy can also cause a loss of feeling in the feet, making it difficult to detect injuries or infections.

Q3: How often should someone with diabetes inspect their feet?

A3: Individuals with diabetes should inspect their feet daily for any signs of injury, infection, or abnormal changes such as cuts, blisters, redness, or swelling. Early detection is key to preventing serious complications.

Q4: What type of footwear should people with diabetes wear?

A4: People with diabetes should wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes that provide good support and cushioning. They should avoid shoes with pointed toes or high heels. It’s also advisable to wear socks made of fibers that don’t restrict circulation and that wick moisture away from the skin.

Q5: How does diabetes affect the feet?

A5: Diabetes can cause two major problems in the feet: diabetic neuropathy, where the nerves in the feet and legs are damaged, leading to a lack of feeling, and peripheral vascular disease, which affects blood flow and can slow the healing process of wounds.

Q6: What should I do if I notice a foot problem?

A6: If you notice any foot problems, it is essential to consult your podiatrist immediately. Even minor issues can lead to serious complications if not addressed promptly.

Q7: Can diabetic foot conditions be cured?

A7: While some diabetic foot conditions can be managed effectively with proper care, ongoing monitoring and maintenance are typically required. Conditions like neuropathy are chronic and require consistent management to prevent deterioration.

Q8: What preventive care can be taken to avoid diabetic foot problems?

A8: Preventive care includes controlling your blood sugar levels, regular foot inspections, wearing appropriate footwear, keeping feet clean and moisturized, avoiding walking barefoot, and getting regular foot exams by a healthcare professional.

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