• Dr. Ea is a terrific podiatrist. Great bedside manner and he takes his time to explain what is wrong and help solve your foot issue – I never felt pressed for time with him. I cannot recommend this podiatrist highly enough.

    ~ Scott S

  • Dr. Mandanipour was professional and saw me immediately. He was helpful and knowledgeable and helped me with all of my issues.

    ~ Tobey D.

  • I think it was great. It took the time out to explain my issue in detail, ensured that I understood, explained the treatment and I was satisfied when I left. Good Job!

    ~ S. C.

  • The office is very neat, clean and the staff is great, very warm and friendly. You get to see the Doctor right away. He is very professional and thorough in answering and explaining all the questions and concerns I had. I felt very comfortable in this office and well taken care of. I feel that my healthcare concerns are being met. He is highly recommended.

    ~ Yvonne T.

  • I came in with questions and left very satisfied with the cause of my symptoms. I was also relieved of my pain.

    ~ Nereyda J.

  • Dr. Mandanipour is the best Podiatrists in Manhattan. I have been seeing him for severe Plantars Fasciitis for over a year. His staff is amazing, friendly, and personable which is a welcome change for Manhattan. Dr. M himself is extremely knowledgeable and thorough with his diagnosis and treatment. He also has a great sense of humor and makes you feel comfortable with him and his staff. If you are having foot trouble I highly recommend Dr. Mandanipour and his group at Progressive Foot Care. Your in for a worry free experience were everyone including the receptionists knows you on a first name basis and is familiar with your treatment and care.

    ~ Max D.

  • Dr. EA was probably the best podiatrist I have ever experienced. He was professional, personable, and paid attention to my concerns. The treatment was executed painlessly and professionally. His staff was also very kind, attentive and professional. I am happy to have found a podiatrist of this caliber.

    ~ Nanette D.

  • Dr. Mandanipour was extremely attentive and thorough. He took the time to not only deal with my issue but to educate me. He was very personable and I can genuinely say I had a great time going to the podiatrist ; )

    ~ Matthew S.

  • He answered all my questions and was patient.

    ~ Tanjila R.